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Your digital data are important to you or your organization and can’t be lost. That’s why you probably make backups on a regular basis, to be able to recover your data when necessary. Nevertheless there are a number of downsides to the traditional backups on tape or disc. You need to replace your storage device daily and keep it outside your offices. Furthermore, tapes are prone to errors and the recovery can be time consuming and laborious. Furthermore a backup on tape can fail. So, strict control is essential.

The online backup of KeepItSafe has a lot of advantages compared to the traditional backup. But most of all, you don’t need to worry anymore. Simple and carefree!

Through our partner KeepItSafe, we offer online backup. On our KeepItSafe webpage you find more information about prices and possibilities. You can also apply for a trial subscription. Our online backup is available for Windows, Linux/UNIX, Sun (Oracle), Solaris, Mac.

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